Terroir-vineyards and viticulture

The WINE of this small company, passed down from grandfather Eletterio to his daughters and then to his grandchildren, is produced in Montegabbione, province of Terni, in the Umbria region, at 600 meters above sea level, on the green Orvieto Hills.

A story of authenticity like that of our natural and organic wines, perfect for emotions to share together around the table or for an aperitif.

Umbria IGT 2022Lorenzo Bio Rosato

ORGANIC wine obtained
from 100% Cabernet red grapes
of our vineyards.

Harvested by hand
and vinified at origin.
Soft pressing of whole grapes.
White vinification.

Umbria IGT 2022Lorenzo Bio Bianco

Vino BIOLOGICO ottenuto da uve
from white grapes of our production
(100% Vermentino)

Harvested by hand
and vinified at origin.
White vinification.

Umbria IGT 2018Lorenzo I Cabernet

Obtained from a mixture of

Cabernet Franc 50% and Cabernet Sauvignon 50%

Harvested by hand
and vinified at origin.

Umbria IGT 2019Lorenzo I Magnum

Obtained from a blend of 50% Cabernet Franc and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
fresh vintage.

Harvested by hand
and vinified at origin.


A story of passion treasured in every bottle the company offers you.

The story of the family is in this return to the roots, in the memory of the profound and wise simplicity of the Umbria-Tuscany peasant tradition, the care for the land and the dedication
to the vineyard.

The Vineyards extend over 2.8 ha and are conducted with organic farming methods, without any use of systemic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, to seek a balance between nature and man’s work to produce wines that respect the land
and the environment, bearers of our values.